Give us a little history about yourself? (Where did you attend college?)

I am a Houston Native and relocated to LA in 2001.  As a child it was a dream of mine to live in a major metropolitan city and LA has the best weather.  I majored in Business Management while attending the University of Houston.  As a child art was one of my passions, I was also very involved with every aspect of current fashion trends.  I combined my artistic talents with my knack for fashion, which together makes me who I am today as a designer.  After all… fashion is an “ART”!

What sizes do you cater to?

We do not cater to a specific size and typically create pieces of my designs from size to 2 to 24.  Later this year I want to broaden the audience I am able to reach and make pieces available from size 2 to 32.

What made you want to become a designer for the plus size community?

I was determined to have my designs available for the plus-sized community due to an experience I had while visiting with my best friend prior to relocating to LA.  We of course included “shopping” in our agenda….this is LA, no one in their right mind would pass up that opportunity!  However the more we shopped the more disheartening it became.  My best friend was not able to find anything she was looking for and was limited due to being a plus-sized woman.   It was disappointing! How can one enjoy the luxuries of shopping if your choices are inadequate?   I felt there was a need for a designer to make an impact and to fulfill the desire of a plus-sized woman to have the option to explore, and be the “DIVA” they want to be!

What inspires you in making your designs?

My inspiration to create first came when I was younger when my grandmother taught me how to sew by hand.  I was fascinated with the idea that a needle, thread and fabric can be transformed into something FABULOUS!  Many of my designs mimic my own style and flare.  I love vibrant colors and am drawn to eye-catching textures.  I am crazy about fabric and spend a lot of time in fabric stores.  The surrounding is euphoric and accentuates my creativity…I can walk into a fabric store, envision a design and by the time I walk out of the store, my vision becomes a part of one of my collections.   I conventionalize designs just by being in the same room with someone.  Feeling ones aura, soul and presence is the best inspiration and reaps striking results.  From time to time I will flip through magazines to stay on top of the current trends and to better understand how to make my designs marketable.

Do you remember the first design you came up with? Who was it for and how did it make you feel?

My first design was for myself.  It was a silver halter dress, which tied around the neck and glittery all over!  Becoming my own walking billboard and witnessing reactions to my design was the best gauge for success.  It left me with a feeling of fulfillment, knowing that my dress was one of a kind.

What age range do your designs target?

When designing I focus more on the concept of age appropriateness.  My designs are attainable to young adults to the more seasoned audience and are adjusted through colors and textures.

A Clothes Mind also offers Fashion Consulting, Could you explain what that all entails?

Our fashion consulting portion entails a personalized shopping and beauty experience for a complete make-over.  It includes revamping one’s wardrobe, to redefining the client’s image and reconstructing entire closets if needed. We also offer custom designed items exclusively for the client on request.  Whether it’s a corporate environment, a casual get together or you are looking for an after 5 look we provide the complete solution for all your fashion needs.  We invite you to experience the level of service we provide!

How would you explain your designs?

The mastery of my collections is geared towards women in a couture element through dresses, pant suits, two piece ensembles and evening gowns. My collections are thought provoking and are beyond FIERCE! I have no fear when designing for plus-sized women and my collections challenge you to ride the edge.  Each piece will take your inner “DIVA” to the next level by accentuating your curves and exudes classiness which caters to the feminine essence of a lady.

How would you describe your collection “Margaux Kouture”?

Margaux Kouture is a high-end luxury collection featuring evening gowns and party dresses. Whether you are a fashion celebrity or a “Social Diva”, Margaux Kouture will exhibit the glitz and glam on and off the red carpet.

How would you describe your collection “Solace”?

Solace’s bold and daring designs are for women that can explore their sexy and risqué side yet can still be comfortable in the skin they are in.

What is your 5 year Goal as a designer?


We will expand various areas of our company by creating opportunities internally and externally to support an emerging empire.  I want to maintain consistent growth at a reasonable pace.  A slower path towards growth builds a solid foundation and results in longevity.  I am confident that I have the leadership in place needed for success.  I want to create one of a kind pieces, design jaw dropping collections and continue to be the “must have of every FASHION DIVA”!

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